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Rockland County Traffic Attorney Will Work Tirelessly to Get Your Speeding Ticket Reduced or Dismissed

If you’ve received a speeding ticket in Rockland County, New York, you are likely facing points on your driver’s license, stiff fines, insurance premium hikes and possibly loss of your driving privileges. Don’t make the mistake of not taking your speeding ticket seriously. Many people think their best bet is to pay the ticket and move on. The truth is, paying the ticket is the same as pleading guilty. You will still get the points, be forced to pay the fines and your insurance company will most definitely be notified about yoru ticket.

Instead, if you get stopped and ticketed for speeding, reckless driving, driving with using a cell phone or any other traffic violation in Rockland County, NY, contact an experienced traffic ticket lawyer who will fight your charges and protect your rights.

I’m Jonathan D. Katz, Esq. and I’ve helped countless drivers fight their speeding tickets in municipal courts throughout Rockland County, New York. I know the prosecutors and judges here and I will use my experience to your advantage when fighting your ticket. I will try to get your charge reduced to a no-point non-moving violation. In some cases, I may be able to get your ticket dismissed completely. Call me today to schedule a consultation about your Rockland County speeding ticket.

Why Choose Jonathan Katz to Fight Your Speeding Ticket in Rockland County, NY

Law enforcement officials in Rockland County, NY, take driving laws very seriously. Police won’t hesitate in stopping drivers who fail to comply with these laws. Traffic tickets are costly and take a lot of time to fight. Many drivers receive tickets here when they are just passing through. Having to return to a Rockland County court to fight your ticket may mean time off of work or school.

I am a skilled and experienced traffic violations lawyer. In most cases I can stand up for you in court and fight your ticket on your behalf so you don’t have to lose time at work or return from out of the area to fight your speeding ticket. I will negotiate with the prosecutor in an effort to get your charges amended.

Make no mistake about it: who you know matters. I know the court staffs and the other professionals in courts throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York. I understand the way each court operates – which prosecutors are somewhat more willing to negotiate, for example. My experience, combined with my knowledge of New York traffic law, set me apart from the competition in Rockland County.

Knowledgeable Traffic Defense Lawyer Jonathan Katz Fights Hard to Protect Your Driving Privileges

Traffic violation points in New York can add up very quickly. If you get a five-point speeding ticket, for example, it’s not unusual for the police officer to cite you for reckless driving and any other appropriate violations. The truth is, one traffic stop can lead to a license suspension.

When you get 11 points on your license in New York State, a traffic judge is likely to suspend your license. Without a driver’s license, you will be depending on friends, family and public transportation to get to work. The impact on your quality of life will be immense.

Therefore, your best bet is to contact me, Jonathan Katz, to schedule a consultation about your Rockland County, NY speeding ticket. Don’t ignore the ticket and don’t just pay in and plead guilty. Take advantage of a conversation with a savvy traffic ticket defense lawyer; I may be able to say you time, money and your driver’s license. Call (845) 377-2022 and put my experience to work for you.

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