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Rockland County, New York Traffic Violations: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. I think I just want to pay the ticket and move on with my life. Is that a bad idea?

If you receive a ticket in Rockland County, NY, and you opt to pay it and “move on,” you have plead guilty. This means fines, points, insurance hikes and more. The cost of sweeping it under the rug will be far more extensive than hiring a savvy traffic ticket defense lawyer to take care of the matter for you.

Q. Can Mr. Katz go to court on my behalf?

It’s not unusual for someone from out of state or the community to get ticketed in Rockland County, NY. The police officers here are very committed to keeping the roadways safe. However, when you hire Jonathan D. Katz to fight your traffic violation, you won’t have to appear in court – in most cases. This means may not have to return to Rockland County to fight your ticket. Mr. Katz will stand up for you in court.

Q. Ways to Avoid Getting a Traffic Violation

There are some obvious answers here: obey the speed limit, don’t drink and drive, stay in one lane on the highway and use your signal when trying to pass other vehicles.

However, the less common sense answers include:

  • Don’t attract attention; drive carefully around cops and near known speed traps
  • Get a Bluetooth speak so you aren’t tempted to pick up the cell phone while driving
  • Know where speed limits change in the area so you don’t make an inadvertent mistake that will earn you a ticket

Q. What do I do if I get pulled over in Rockland County, NY?

Treat the officer with dignity and respect. He or she is just trying to do their job. Plus, if they fear you are about to pull out a weapon or drive off, they may become more aggressive. That won’t bode well for you when it comes time for them to decide whether to give you a warning or write a ticket. Don’t get out of your car unless you are told to do so and follow all the officer’s instructions during the traffic stop.

Q. What happens if I don’t respond to a traffic ticket?

You may think that traffic tickets are “out of sight, out of mind.” Toss it in to the glove compartment, under the seat or in the garbage. What are the chances the court will find out. You can bet your life that the court keeps very good records and if you’ve been ticketed and fail to respond to the ticket – by either paying the fine or being heard in court – the judge will likely issue a warrant for your. Now, in addition to the consequences you would have faced with your ticket, you’ll be looking at many other serious penalties, too.

Q. What is the NY Driver Assessment?

If you get six points on your New York driver’s license, you will be forced to pay a NY Driver Assessment fee. Of course, if you accumulate 11 points on driving record, you may face having your license suspended by a Rockland County judge.

Q. When do points fall off a driving record?

Points remain on your driver’s license for 18 months. After that period of time, points fall off.

Q. Is there a way to reduce the points I currently have on my driving record?

Yes. Look up the New York Point & Insurance Reduction Program and you can learn more about ways to reduce the number of points on your license. The maximum you can remove is four points in an 18 month period. And, you cannot use this program to keep your license from being suspended once you reach 11 points.

Q. I’d like to take advantage of a consultation with Jonathan D. Katz, Esq. What should I bring to the meeting?

If you have a copy of your driving record, bring it. If not, Mr. Katz can help you ge4t a copy; just tell us when you make your appointment. Also, don’t forget to bring your ticket with you to your scheduled appointment.

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