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Montebello is a village located in the Town of Ramapo in Rockland County, New York. The New York State Thruway and NY Route 202 run through Montebello. If you were ticketed for speeding, or any traffic offense, in Montebello, do not hesitate to contact an experienced traffic attorney today. Jonathan D. Katz, Esq. is a skilled traffic lawyer who routinely appears in courts throughout Rockland County, NY, including Montebello.

Do not mistakenly think that you to automatically plead guilty to a traffic charge or pay a fine before you speak with an attorney. Many people who have received traffic tickets in Montebello, New York are unaware that they can challenge the ticket. Never make the mistake of assuming that you have no legal options for fighting your ticket. Traffic officers are not infallible; they can, and do, make mistakes. It is important for you to explore all of your available legal options because a traffic conviction will end up on your driving record and could seriously affect your insurance premiums. A knowledgeable traffic defense attorney can assist you in the courtroom and help you avoid the most significant penalties for a traffic conviction.

Different Types of Traffic Charges in Montebello, NY

Jonathan D. Katz has decades of experience handling traffic matters on behalf of local Montebello residents, NY residents and out-of-state drivers who were cited for speeding and other moving violations while passing through New York. Mr. Katz can defend you against any traffic offense, including:

  • Speeding
  • High-Speed Tickets
  • Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License
  • Driving without a License
  • Driving without Insurance
  • Handheld Cell Phone Tickets
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Violations
  • DWI / DWAI / DUI
  • Running a Red Light
  • Illegal Lane Changes
  • Failure to Yield
  • Faulty Equipment
  • Repeat Offenses
  • Other Traffic Violations

Mr. Katz will take the time needed to make sure you are fully informed about any developments in your case. Even if you are not required to appear in court, it is important that you understand your options in advance of the scheduled court date in Montebello Village Traffic Court. Depending upon the precise circumstances of your case, Mr. Katz may be able to raise a number of legal and factual defenses on your behalf.

Severe Consequences for a Traffic Conviction in Montebello, NY

If you are convicted of a traffic violation or if you plead guilty to traffic charges in Montebello, New York, you face severe consequences, including:

  • Notice of your traffic court conviction will be sent to the NY Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV will put the conviction on your driving record, which could have serious consequences that include higher auto insurance premiums and suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Drivers from other states who are convicted in Montebello Traffic Court will be subject to points and additional penalties after the NY DMV notifies their home state about the conviction.
  • You will face costly fines, as well as other monetary penalties and court costs imposed by the Montebello Traffic Court judge.
  • Once your insurance carrier has received notice of your traffic conviction, it may elect to increase your auto insurance rates or even cancel your coverage entirely.
  • The Montebello Village Traffic Court judge may decide to suspend or revoke your driver’s license, depending on the severity of your offense and whether you have any prior traffic offenses on your record.

Contact an Experienced Montebello, NY Traffic Offense Attorney

If you are convicted of a traffic violation in Montebello or anywhere else in Rockland County, New York, you could be dealing with the consequences of the conviction for a very long time. Depending on the type of traffic offense, you might lose your driver’s license or even be sentenced to jail time. Jonathan D. Katz, Esq. is an experienced traffic defense attorney who knows how to help you avoid the most significant penalties for a traffic violation in Montebello, NY. Call him day or night at 845-377-2022 to discuss your traffic matter or schedule a consultation at his New Paltz, New York office.

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